How to Escape Extreme Pressure Employment?

Answer You are intelligent with potential for a better life. But, for now, you are trapped in a suffocating job. Worse, you fear for your safety, physical, mental-or both. You're a night-shift security gu... Read More »

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How maximum front wheels of an automobile can turn from extreme left to extreme right?

Question is not clear.Please ask in details - what you want to know ? The TECHNOLOGY behind it or what ?Here is the crude formularadius=track/2+wheelbase/sin(average steer angle)This does not defin... Read More »

Cancer, How would Cancer Cells act under Extreme Pressure?

This is an interesting concept. The way to increase pressure is to use hyperbaric oxygen treatment like that used for "nitrogen bends" or diving sickness. The high pressure may possibly cause injur... Read More »

What episode from the A-Team does Murdock escape the VA through an underground escape hatch?

The newest member is Leah, She took over for Lewis Young, once he died :'(

What type of pressure pump is in a pressure washer Ryobi model # RY80030?

It is a direct drive pump, meaning it is directly driven by the engine, as opposed to a belt-driven pump. Additionally, it's a plunger pump, meaning it uses ceramic plungers rather than pistons. Th... Read More »