How to Erase the Hard Drive Before Recycling?

Answer When you send a hard drive to be reused or recycled, your data is accessible to other people unless you wipe it off of the drive first. The wiping process is called a format, an action that deletes... Read More »

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How to Erase a Hard Drive Before Discarding a Computer?

It's never a good idea to toss out a computer or hard drive before ensuring that all of the data on the drive has been completely erased. Standard file deletion only removes references to the delet... Read More »

How to Erase Your Hard Drive Before Getting Rid of Your Computer?

Before you go ahead and sell your computer to someone or give it to charity, even if you want to dump it in the garbage, you should clear out all your hard drives. Even if you just delete data, som... Read More »

How to erase the hard drive?

MAKE SURE YOU SAVE EVERYTHING FIRST. I found some VERY Secure Erase tech. and some good enough ones, You could try ZDNet's way if you like, but this one is Kinda complicated but free, so only do if... Read More »

How To Erase Hard Drive?

So you need to erase your computer and make sure the data is GONE forever? Look below I can help here. It seems there alot of people that are wanting to reformat their computer. Please follow these... Read More »