How to Erase on a Flip Camera?

Answer The hand-held Flip camera, or "Flip," can record high-definition videos. The device only has a few buttons and is fairly simple to use. However, if you have little experience with technology or hav... Read More »

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Can you use a flip video camera as a camera?

The software that comes with the Flip video camera has a Snap button that allows you to capture a still image from the video file. The camera itself does not take still pictures.

How do i fix my flip camera?

Try a camera reset:Hold the power button down for 10 seconds and then check and see if the camera has unfrozen. Then power the camera off and leave untouched for about 15 seconds. Then turn the cam... Read More »

Can you track a flip camera?

no sorry, it doesnt have any sort of gps chip or software that allows you to track it. it doesnt output a signal so it cant be tracked.

Should you get a flip camera?

NO!! You should NOT get a flip..They break easily..and the won't fix it for you even if you have warrenty..I was NOT impressed