How to Erase a Hard Drive Completely?

Answer If you plan to sell, donate or give your old computer away, you will need to erase your hard drive completely. Deleting files and formatting hard drives are not permanent, as there is software that... Read More »

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How to Completely Erase XP From a Hard Drive?

Erasing your hard drive may be necessary if you are no longer going to be using the computer and are preparing it for sale, or if you have sensitive information on the computer and just want it era... Read More »

How do i completely erase the hard drive?

What I would suggest is since your computer is in this bad shape, take it to one of the places that work on computers. Take all your restore software disks with you. They will wipe everything off a... Read More »

How do i completely erase my hard drive?

Formatting a win98 hard drive needs to be accomplished at the DOS prompt - normally this is done by booting the computer with a win98 boot disk. (Search yahoo answers to find out how) Once you are ... Read More »

Can you completely erase a hard drive?

A hard drive can be completely erased in two ways. The first is to physically destroy it and the data therein. The second is to use a secure erase program, which will scrub every sector of the dr... Read More »