How to Erase Virtual Memory From a Computer?

Answer Virtual memory is a set amount of resources your operating system emulates as Random Access Memory, or RAM. Such action typically takes place when your computer possesses insufficient RAM to manage... Read More »

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How do I erase virtual memory from a computer?

Clearing the Page FileIn Windows XP, click the "Start" button and select "Run." Click the text field next to the word "Open" and type "Regedt32.exe" (without the quotes) and click "OK." This opens ... Read More »

How to Erase the Virtual Memory on a CD Drive?

CD drives come with a small amount of on-board memory, also known as "cache" memory. While the cache typically clears itself out with substantial regularity, you might want to perform a manual flus... Read More »

What is virtual computer memory ?

Virtual computer memory enables desktop and laptop computers to find empty random access memory (RAM) needed to load additional programs or work faster in the programs that are open.How It WorksVir... Read More »

Computer virtual memory low?

Here is gist of the problem. The " virtual memory is low warning". Your computer uses physical memory, aka RAM, and virtual memory. Virtual memory is used to simulate more RAM when your computer is... Read More »