How to Erase Tire Tracks?

Answer Tire tracks are created when a moving vehicle stops suddenly or makes a sharp turn. These tracks are then stained into the asphalt. Tire marks are not like regular stains. You need chemicals plus e... Read More »

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How to Cover Your Tire Tracks?

Whenever a car makes a sudden stop or a sharp curve, the tires will create black streaks on the surface. Covering your tire tracks is best done by removing the evidence entirely. Cleaning the tire ... Read More »

How Do Cops Match Up Tire Tracks?

Tire tracks can be matched against a computerized database of manufacturer's tire tread patterns to determine the make and model of the tire. Additionally, individual wear and damage seen in a spec... Read More »

How to Collect Tire Tracks on Hard Surfaces in a Crime Scene?

Crime scene investigators use evidence collected from crime scenes, like body fluids, footprints, and tire tracks to solve crimes. Investigators analyze impressions and samples in the lab to assist... Read More »

Do the tracks in Moose Tracks ice cream mimic a real Moose's tracks?

No, it's just fudge sauce for the "tracks" and normally small peanut butter cups for the "leavings".