How to Erase Samples on a Flash Card MPC 1000?

Answer The MPC (Music Production Center) 1000 is a 64-track hardware sampler and sequencer manufactured by Japanese company AKAI. According to the manufacturer, "You can save your work to a Standard Compa... Read More »

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Do you need a flash card to fix a bricked Action replay if yes- whats a flash card?

How big of a flash drive would i need to transfer about 1000 songs from my pc to my mac?

6GB should be a safe size. Maybe 4gb, if you use high compression

How do I erase my USB Flash Drive?

Plug the flash drive into the computer. Double click My Computer on the desktop. Find the flash drive and right click the icon. Choose format to erase the contents (or you can double click on it... Read More »

Can you erase file from a usb flash drive after you put them in?

Yes, no problem, absolutely! Let me tell you a little something about those things. They're cheap. If you can, what you wanna do is go to some fairs or computer shows or whatever because a lot of c... Read More »