How to Erase Pictures From Your iPod?

Answer An iPod is a versatile device that not only stores music for playback but also other media such as images. Keeping photos on your iPod is an easy way to show them to friends or to use them to creat... Read More »

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How can you erase notes from your ipod?

when you click on a notee, there is two icons one like a message and the other as a trash then click the trash can.

How do you erase songs from your ipod?

to erase song you should right click on the song when your ipod is plugged in and it says delete. then you click it and you are done.

If you put a brand new SD card in your Canon Powershot A550 and took pictures and now your computer will not recognize it because it has not been formatted will formatting it now erase your pictures?

If you format the SD card all of your pictures will be erased. If you can view your photos in the Camera then the problem may be with your computer.

When you restore an iPod on a Windows from a Mac does it erase the music that is already on the iPod?

When you restore an iPod it will wipe all data saved on it.Yeah