How to Erase Computer History?

Answer If you use a computer to which you do not have exclusive access, you run the risk that the next person who uses that computer might decide to examine the search history to see what sites you have b... Read More »

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How do u get to and erase the history on your computer?

ctrl+h. Right click on today and click delete.Just do you know, every website that you visit is stored internally somewhere. It is hard to get to though.Hope this helps.

What is a good program to erase all of my computer usage history?

Wow, you've asked about this like 4 times. LOL. I really want to know what you did that you're so scared of mom & dad finding.Unless one of your parents really know their salt with computers, whate... Read More »

How do you erase all history from my pc?

do you use firefox or internet explorer?if firefox go on tools then click clear private data.if internet explorer 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu. 3.... Read More »

How to Erase Web History in Firefox?

If you want to hide your recent activity and delete your web history in Mozilla Firefox, then this is the article for you.