How to Erase All Memory in an iPhone?

Answer The iPhone is a fully functional smart phone and pocket computer that can store a lot of information. At times, you may want to erase all information and settings from the memory of your device. Th... Read More »

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How can you erase misspelled words in iPhone memory?

I could not find the answer myself and I tried the following and it worked.... When you type the word and it gives you the suggestion for the word you do not want just X it out. Then keep typing t... Read More »

If i send someone a text on my iphone,and then i erase it on my iphone does it go off the other person/s to?

How to Erase Memory on Windows XP?

A Windows XP user may realize during the life of his computer that it is somewhat inconvenient to shut down and restart all the time. With the convenient "Sleep" and "Hibernate" modes, the computer... Read More »

How do your erase the memory of your internet?

depends on what browser you are using - for ie7 - go to the tools pop down menu - then to "internet options" - on the first tab is a "delete" button - this will then prompt you with options on what... Read More »