How to Equip a Den?

Answer Whether you've made a den out of sheets or you've simply found a cool cupboard in your house, a den can be a nice place to relax. But the space on it's own isn't enough to have the best den - you n... Read More »

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What Equip./Tools do I need?

I always have my bush trimmed by professionals. Sharp instruments, nice clean environment, and the scent of lavender in the air....It is extremely important that the clippers be SHARP, and make su... Read More »

How to Equip Your Boat for Safety?

Boating is one of the most enjoyable warm-weather pastimes across the globe. Whether you prefer to set sail upon salty oceans, placid seas, amusing lakes or quaint ponds, for business or pleasure, ... Read More »

How do you equip gems in minomonsters on iPhone?

Tap your "team pick" button and choose a minomonster. Then tap info. Where is says skills, slide your finger to the left. Under "available skills" you can now equip gems to that monster's attacks.

How to Equip Your Boat to Receive AIS Signals?

AIS--Automatic Identification System--is a method for transmitting and receiving information about ship traffic. Sharing a vessel's name, location and course, AIS signals supplement radar systems a... Read More »