How to Equate Percentages?

Answer The word "percent" comes from "per" plus the Latin "centum," meaning " per hundred." It is an expression of a ratio of one quantity to another. 50 percent is 50 per hundred, or 50/100. It can also ... Read More »

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Can I use equate to clean my contacts?

It is a multi purpose solution, so yes, it cleans, disinfects, and is for storage also. Yes, of course you can put it in your eyes, your lenses soak in it.Yes, you can use it on any contacts. You m... Read More »

What does an 85 equate to in GPA?

A grade of "85," based on a 4.0 scale, will translate into a 3.0 on a transcript. To compute a grade point average (GPA), schools equate an "A" as 4.0, a "B" as a 3.0, and so on. So, an "85" counts... Read More »

Equate AM Refreshing Facial Cleanser!?

This cleanser is for all type of skin. It will help with your pimples. Remember to drink a lot of water.Hope I Help

EQUATE Moisturizers - Which is the Best?

The Equate Absolutely Beaming Daily Moisturizer , It Works Super** Well. It Does Have SPF , I'm Not Sure If It Helps With Aging Or Not ? But I've Noticed That It Does Improve The Clarity Of Your Sk... Read More »