How to Epoxy Aggregate Floor?

Answer Aggregate, small flecks of metal or glass, adheres to a concrete base floor with epoxy. Epoxy is a polymer that hardens to a strong and durable finish. Epoxies come in clear or a wide variety of co... Read More »

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How do I care for epoxy aggregate flooring?

Cleaning the Epoxy Aggregate FlooringSweep the epoxy aggregate floor with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt. Mop the flooring with a solution of water and mild household cleaner. Allow... Read More »

How to Resurface an Epoxy Floor?

Coating your garage or basement floor with epoxy will make the floor more durable and attractive. Epoxy gives the floor a bright, clean look even if the floor is old. If you have an existing epoxy ... Read More »

How to Seal an Epoxy Floor?

When you put down a new epoxy floor, it is a good idea to seal it. Sealer will prevent the top of the floor from peeling, it will prevent color change and it will reduce slippage. The floor will l... Read More »

What is floor epoxy?

Floor epoxies are necessary when attaching flooring materials to a base and are under widespread use among contractors because of their reliability and relative ease of use in real-world conditions... Read More »