How to Entertain an Unhappy Baby?

Answer Ever have a baby who wants attention, but you don't know what kind of attentions they want? Here are a few steps to figure out that baby's personal needs when they can't talk yet.

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Check out "Unhappy Dancing Baby" on Youtube?

Ugh, I hate some people. It's a tiny newborn, all he wants is to be held and loved and these two idiots are throwing him around and laughing about it. It makes me sick.Edit: I almost wanted to re... Read More »

How to Entertain a Baby While Babysitting?

At five months old, while a baby can easily support it's own head and neck, it also starts to have a greater need for entertainment. How do you entertain them when they need to have fun? Well, this... Read More »

What is the most embarressing thing you have done in public to entertain your baby?

I'll do just about anything to get a laugh out of my little guy, and sometimes I forget I/we are in public. I'll sing, play a VERY dramatic version of peek-a-boo where I crouch and jump up, pretend... Read More »

How to Smile when You're Unhappy?

Some people don't want to look upset, or unhappy when they really are. Learn how to smile in the worst situations!!