How to Entertain an Elderly Relative?

Answer Let's say you're feeling great. Your three kids are asleep, your husband is out getting some aspirin, so you have just enough time to rest. Suddenly, the phone rings. You don't want to get up from ... Read More »

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How to Help a Depressed Elderly Relative?

If you know a relative who has had bad memories in his/her life, it is always good to remind them that nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Is it legal for a relative to give a child to a another relative without the courts being involved?

well, it depends. in some countries this matter is allowed. it depends on which country you live in.

Can a relative of a child take away legal guardianship of that child from the other relative if the child is in no harm and being cared for?

Answer yes, if that relative is the mother or father of the child, or the quardian is determined to be unfit to serve.

How to Entertain a Cat?

It can be easy to entertain your cat, just as long as you don't panic too much.