How to Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties?

Answer Suppose your daughter’s fifth birthday is soon, she wants a birthday party and you have no idea what to do. How are you going to keep 20 kids busy and safe at her birthday party? Here is a list o... Read More »

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How do you entertain kids at an Adult birthday dinner?

Cover their table with butcher paper & give them crayons. It will keep them seated (& hopefully quiet).We keep a roll of butcher paper at home & when we need to kids to calm down, lay a huge piece... Read More »

Ideas for Kids' 5th Birthday Parties?

By the time kids reach their fifth birthdays, they usually have a few strong interests and hobbies that parents can choose from as potential themes for the birthday party. The theme can help inspir... Read More »

Outdoor Birthday Games for Kids' Parties?

Whether your birthday party is in your backyard or at a park, these party games are sure to get the kids moving and having fun. When the weather is perfect, these outdoor party games will go with a... Read More »

Kids' Hair Styles for Birthday Parties?

Hair styles for children may vary on a daily basis. They probably have their own favorite look that they want you to create for every outing and special occasion. However, if they are going to a bi... Read More »