How to Enter the Radio Unlock Code in a GMC?

Answer GM vehicles, including GMC trucks, include a radio theftlock system that allows you to program a radio unlock code into your stereo system. When programmed, the stereo system becomes inoperable if ... Read More »

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How Do I Enter a Radio Code on a 99 Acura RL?

Acura put premium sound systems in their 1999 vehicles, including the RLs. The system has an anti-theft feature in which the radio will stop working if it's removed from the vehicle. The radio also... Read More »

How to Enter a Code for a Grundig 200 Car Radio?

As with many factory-installed radios, the Grundig 200 model radio, common to many European cars, has a built-in anti-theft code. When you remove the radio or disconnect the battery from the vehicl... Read More »

How to Enter a Honda Anti-Theft Radio Code?

Honda employs an anti-theft device in its radios that locks the radio if the battery is disconnected. This anti-theft measure prevents a thief from using a stolen radio. Once you restore power, the... Read More »

How to Input the Unlock Code for a Radio?

Most car radios are manufactured with an anti-theft unlock code built in. The radio will automatically lock if it is removed from the harness in the car or if the car battery is disconnected or die... Read More »