How to Enter the Mac OS X Macbook Keyboard Change Option?

Answer If English is the default language on your MacBook, you might need to access the Mac OS X settings to change the keyboard options. For example, if you need to type a document in French and you want... Read More »

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Which is the Mac Option key on a PC keyboard?

If you are using a PC keyboard, you may use the "Alt" key instead of the "Option" key. Some Mac keyboard shortcuts require the use of the "Command" or Apple icon key. With a PC keyboard, use the Wi... Read More »

How to Install a Key on a MacBook Keyboard?

A lost or damaged key on your MacBook keyboard can be frustrating to the point that you stop using the computer completely. The keys are designed to be quickly replaced if they break or come off th... Read More »

Macbook keyboard isn't working!?

inside keys can be some dirt, but this looks like something like tea/coffe/soft drink is inside and dried out. You probably will not able to repair it for yourself.

Where are the keyboard lights for the Macbook?

The Apple MacBook laptop does not have a back-lit keyboard. The MacBook Pro does, however. The lights for this computer are located underneath the keyboard keys. They are not user-accessible.Refere... Read More »