How to Enter the Goth Scene?

Answer So after viewing many of the "how to-" guides on how to look goth, apply makeup etc.. I didn't see alot of detail and some lacked a few important details that many "newcomers" to the scene don't re... Read More »

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How to Get Into the Goth Scene?

Dressing goth and even being goth aren't always enough to get into - and be accepted by - the Goth Scene.Goth is similar to punk, in the way that it allows you to express yourself. Goth is a modern... Read More »

How to be scene/goth...?

You could buy band tees of your favorite bands. And pair them with like bright colored jeans. Also the accessories that scene girls wear are really girly and id dye the hair with like a strip of co... Read More »

Emo Scene Goth Costume Dress Ideas?

Goth and Emo are two different groups that have some characteristics in common. The Goth culture uses medieval and Victorian motifs, while those of the Emo type use more contemporary clothes and ha... Read More »

Do you think its stupid to be emo or goth or at least dress like goth?

I think it is stupid for you to ask this question.