How to Enter a New High School?

Answer The dreaded day arrives when you leave your old school and friends and move on to a place you know nothing about. Here are a few tricks for making those common problems less of a problem.

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How to Enter Catholic High School Coming from Public School?

High school is one of the scariest things that teenagers have to face. It's hard to find your groove, and how you do on your tests in high school could very well affect your whole future. Only one ... Read More »

Do you need a high school diploma or a GED to enter the military?

You need a G.E.D./high school diploma for all branches of the military.

Do you need a high school diploma to enter the military?

It largely depends on their recruitment needs. However, if you are headed in that direction, go get a GED. You can get it done quickly and you will have no worries now or in the future about having... Read More »

How many credits are needed to enter college from high school?

On One Hand: Minimum RequirementsMost colleges in the United States have minimum expectations for incoming freshmen students, which generally includes four years of language arts, three to four yea... Read More »