How to Enter a Calm State of Mind?

Answer Say you are having a bad day and you think you want to hurt yourself or others. You need to calm down. Nothing or no one in this world should be able to take your joy or bring you down.

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How to Calm an Overactive Mind?

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I say that being "sexy" is a state of the mind. What do you think?

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Ivf success and your state of mind?

After 6 unsuccessful IUI cycles, I was depressed. I opted to meet a counselor and take a cycle off. I joined a women's support group for women struggling with infertility. We had weekly meetings... Read More »

How to Achieve a Better State of Mind?

A better state of mind can help everyone in a variety of situations. From being annoyed over little things, being jealous or having nerves, if you change your mindset you can overcome these problem... Read More »