How to Enter a 2x2 Matrix in a Calculator?

Answer Matrices are sets of information stored within a bracketed system. The number of rows and columns defines the size of a matrix. For example, a 3 x 2 matrix would have three rows and two columns. ... Read More »

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How to Enter a 2x2 Matrix in a TI-83?

The TI-83 graphing calculator supports a myriad of matrix functions. In particular, you can use the calculator to perform matrix mathematics, matrix row operations, echelon form conversions and mat... Read More »

How to Solve a Matrix Equation by the Inverse With a Calculator?

In linear algebra, matrices are rectangular arrays of numbers. Square matrices have the same number of rows as columns. You can add, subtract and multiply matrices as you would numbers, and if you ... Read More »

How to Enter a Negative Power on a Texas Instruments Calculator?

An exponential is a number, such as "a", raised to a power, such as "b", for which "a" is multiplied by itself "b" number of times. For example, 2^3 equals 2*2*2=8. A negative-power a^-b is equal t... Read More »

Who do i reset my calculator CASIO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR fx-83ES Natural Display PLEASE HELPP!!!?

You are in Scientific Mode, change it to regular mode. Use the mode key to change mode.Try also this sequence, or check your user manualshift clr 2 mode =