How to Enter Petty Cash Into QuickBooks?

Answer QuickBooks money management software is designed to help businesses track and create financial statements. In QuickBooks, you can add bank accounts, customer payments and other cash assets to help ... Read More »

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How to Handle Petty Cash in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is financial management software that comes with many useful business resources. You can create budgets, manage bank statements and petty cash to help you keep track of important income ... Read More »

How much petty cash do senators get?

U.S. Senators get an allowance to pay for staff and office expenses. The amount varies depending on the distance of the Senator’s state from Washington, D.C. The average allowance for fiscal year... Read More »

What is a petty cash book?

A petty cash book is an accounting device that allows you to keep track of small expenditures. It is recommended that you use the book to keep track of small day-to-day expenditures, such as meals.... Read More »

What is a petty cash register?

A petty cash register is a spreadsheet used to track a business' use of petty cash. Petty cash is money used to pay for discretionary expenses such as office supplies, cab fares or postage fees. Th... Read More »