How to Enter Into a Clique That Rejected You?

Answer So, you want to go back to that clique that totally ignored / rejected you ? Read on, and it will show you steps to get that clique to take you in :)

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How to Get Into a Clique You've Been Rejected from Before?

A smaller cliqueHave you been rejected by the Emo clique or the Preppy clique? Follow this guide and you will be admitted into the clique of your choice.

I cannot open the orkut homepage through which we enter our usernames and passwords and enter into our profile?

first sign in google and then go to orkut

How to Tell When You've Been Rejected?

You finally worked up the nerve to ask your crush to hang out. He or she politely declined. Hold up—were you just rejected? Read on to find out if you should give it another shot.

How to Get Over a Guy You Rejected but Still Like?

So you are hitting your head against the wall because you turned down the guy you like, and shouting, crying, and having a pure guilt session. How do you lose the love and end the guilt? Read on.