How to Enter Exponents in WebAssign?

Answer WebAssign is an online academic tool, developed at North Carolina State University. Instructors use it to assign, and grade, premade homework problems. WebAssign is also partnered with textbook pub... Read More »

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I cannot open the orkut homepage through which we enter our usernames and passwords and enter into our profile?

first sign in google and then go to orkut

When were exponents first used?

While the Egyptian Ahmes Papyrus (2000-1800 B.C.) is the oldest known mathematical computation document that uses a type of math that could be translated into exponents; two Indian Beez Ganit vedas... Read More »

How to Add Exponents With Different Bases?

Exponents raise a number to a certain power, resulting in the number being multiplied by itself as much as the exponent declares. For example, with the expression a^2, the variable a is multiplied ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Variables With Exponents?

After learning basic algebra concepts, such as working with variables and working through equations, students will progress on to working with more complicated expressions. One of these concepts ma... Read More »