How to Enter Exponents in WebAssign?

Answer WebAssign is an online academic tool, developed at North Carolina State University. Instructors use it to assign, and grade, premade homework problems. WebAssign is also partnered with textbook pub... Read More »

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I cannot open the orkut homepage through which we enter our usernames and passwords and enter into our profile?

first sign in google and then go to orkut

My pc does not have an enter button, which button do i use to enter things?

use the return button!:)I have a link under here...go to it and the return button is the 4th button up from the bottom on the right!Hope I helpedlink-------> Read More »

Who made exponents?

Diophantus, a Greek mathemetician also known as the "father of algebra," was probably the individual who made them. However, a 16th-century French philosopher made the uniform set of rules that gov... Read More »

How to Use Exponents in Math?

Exponential expressions are a simplified way to represent repeated multiplication. Exponents can also be called powers. An exponential expression is read as a number being raised to a certain power... Read More »