How to Enter Credit Card Charges Into QuickBooks?

Answer Quickbooks by Intuit is a financial management software created to help you track your business budget using your credit cards and bank accounts. Add all charge accounts to Quickbooks to ensure you... Read More »

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How to Enter a Debit Card Transaction in Quickbooks?

Managing debit card expenses is very similar to managing credit card expenses. You can enter daily debit card transactions in Quickbooks after a profile is created for each card. You can set up you... Read More »

Can I get a credit card with no charges?

On One Hand: Introductory RatesOften people think about interest rate and annual fees when they think about credit card charges. Many credit cards offer 0 percent introductory annual percentage rat... Read More »

Credit Card Charges Law?

Passed in 2009, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, or Credit CARD Act, instituted more regulations regarding common credit card charges. The Credit CARD Act has new ... Read More »

How to Work out Credit Card Charges?

If you are drowning in debt and can't pay your credit card bills, it may be easier than you think to work out arrangements to settle your debt, either on your own or through credit counseling organ... Read More »