How to Enter Catholic High School Coming from Public School?

Answer High school is one of the scariest things that teenagers have to face. It's hard to find your groove, and how you do on your tests in high school could very well affect your whole future. Only one ... Read More »

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How many credits are needed to enter college from high school?

On One Hand: Minimum RequirementsMost colleges in the United States have minimum expectations for incoming freshmen students, which generally includes four years of language arts, three to four yea... Read More »

How to Change From Private to Public High School?

Life doesn't always go the way you want it. Whether you're changing because your sick of private school or can't pay the fees anymore, you will need to make an awkward adjustment by switching from ... Read More »

How to Enter Public School After Private Kindergarten?

In addition to being expensive, private schools tend to be academically demanding, may not accommodate special-needs children, are often elitist and lacking in diversity, and may depend on parents ... Read More »

How to Choose a Catholic High School?

If you're considering attending a Catholic high school, you might be a little unsure about where you'd like to go. Just like public schools, all Catholic schools are different: some are large, othe... Read More »