How to Ensure Your Companys Receivables Is Generating Optimum Cash Flow?

Answer A Company's Receivables can account for up to 40% of their assets. With that in mind, it is crucial that Businesses ensure that their Receivables, Credit and Commercial Collections process is opera... Read More »

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Is Cash From a Capital Investment Loan a Negative or Positive on a Cash Flow Statement?

Cash from a capital investment loan is recorded by two different organizations. First, the organization that is lending the money will record the loan in its books. Second, the organization receivi... Read More »

What is the optimum distance between a ceiling fan blade and the ceiling for maximum air flow in the room?

Answer I've a 4 ft diameter ceiling fan with 3 blades of std width (about 3") hanging at a distance of 9" from the ceiling. Floor to ceiling distance is 8'5". Problem is that when I stand at a dist... Read More »

How to Win Big With Cash Flow Notes?

You can win big and make a lot of money with cash flow notes. It is relatively easy to sell them; though, it is harder to locate note holders who are willing to sell their notes at a discount. Cash... Read More »

How to Calculate Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the incoming and outgoing stream of money in a business. If you're starting your own company or doing a job in accounting or finance, you can get an idea how to calculate cash flow by ... Read More »