How to Ensure That a Vehicle Title Has Been Transferred to the Buyer?

Answer Selling a vehicle to a buyer who does not re-title it can put you at financial risk. If your buyer abandons the vehicle, gets into an at-fault accident or has parking tickets without transferring o... Read More »

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Can insurance be transferred to a new vehicle?

Insurance transfer Yes, It's normal. You just call your Insurance Agent and notify them that you are obtaining another vehicle. Your agent will ask the make and model as well as the vehicle identif... Read More »

If a condo title is transferred before someone can put a lien on it can the lender come after you?

Your question is unclear as to just which parties are involved: potentially you, a lien and a lender.Your governing documents define the owner's responsibility to pay monthly assessments, and it us... Read More »

How to Obtain a Vehicle Title on an Abandoned Vehicle in Florida?

For whatever reason you may have to end up acquiring a title on an abandoned vehicle in Florida. Whether, you've found the abandoned vehicle and want to claim it or whether you're the operator of a... Read More »

How to Sign Over a Company Car Title to a Buyer?

Signing over the title to a company car is similar to the process for a vehicle owned by an individual. The only exception is that in some cases the car is registered to a business instead of a per... Read More »