How to Enlarge the Size of Games on the Screen of a Laptop?

Answer You've found a game that you love to play, but you can't see the screen, so you're frustrated. Although most store-bought video games allow you to maximize the screen of the game you play, Internet... Read More »

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How to Enlarge the Size of the Letters on My Laptop?

A laptop computer is useful because of its versatility. Unlike a stationary desktop computer, you can use a laptop nearly anywhere for a variety of tasks. One of the drawbacks of a laptop, however,... Read More »

How do I enlarge the size of the letters on printed copies NOT on the size of the lettters that appear on the?

For emails or general web pages, one way is to highlight the area of print you want printed, Right click on the highlighted area, or go to menu bar at top and select “File”, then click on “P... Read More »

What size laptop screen would be best for me?

imop 17 notebooks are not for portable use as they are too big and are what they call desktop replacement PCSIf you want to move it around get the 15.4 size

What size screen does an IBM laptop T61 have?

The ThinkPad T61, made by Lenovo in partnership with IBM, has a 14-inch screen. IBM has an agreement with Lenovo as its preferred manufacturer of personal computers. This allows IBM to focus on the... Read More »