How to Enlarge the Size of Games on the Screen of a Laptop?

Answer You've found a game that you love to play, but you can't see the screen, so you're frustrated. Although most store-bought video games allow you to maximize the screen of the game you play, Internet... Read More »

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How to Enlarge the Size of the Letters on My Laptop?

A laptop computer is useful because of its versatility. Unlike a stationary desktop computer, you can use a laptop nearly anywhere for a variety of tasks. One of the drawbacks of a laptop, however,... Read More »

How do I enlarge the size of the letters on printed copies NOT on the size of the lettters that appear on the?

For emails or general web pages, one way is to highlight the area of print you want printed, Right click on the highlighted area, or go to menu bar at top and select “File”, then click on “P... Read More »

What is the average laptop screen size?

The average laptop screen size ranges from 14 inches to 17 inches. The most common laptop screen size is 15.4 inches, as it allows for best portability, is lightweight and still has enough space fo... Read More »

What is the size of ur computer or laptop screen ?

Size doesn't matter it's the way you use itbut I'll tell you anyway.. 17 inches