How to Enjoy a Ferrero Rocher?

Answer This delicious layered chocolate has led the best of us to wonder how best we can enjoy its goodness.It must be stated that eating this particular chocolate is equally a science and an art. So if y... Read More »

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Is it nutella inside ferrero rocher?

thats a really good question. It tastes like it. Nutella is the brand name of a hazelnut-based sweet spread created by the Italian company Ferrero. makes ... Read More »

How to Make a Faux Ferrero Roche Bar?

You have probably tried the Ferrero Rocher candies, Well when you get to the core of it there is a creamy hazelnut cream inside, This article will teach you how to make candy bars out of the same m... Read More »

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I have just eaten 6 ferrero roche's in 1 minute, witnessed by 10 people. It was very close but just managed it?