How to Enjoy Your Fetish?

Answer Most men have a fetish: some have foot fetishes while others are into cross-dressing. Life is short. So ask yourself: do you want to enjoy your fetish as much as humanly possible? If the answer is ... Read More »

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Is this a bad fetish in Switzerland?

Molly I see that we are at it again with these questions in the travel section, awaiting Simply's comments to come soon. You are much better when you ask about chocolateOnce again you are generaliz... Read More »

Does anyone else have a heart fetish?

I doubt you have a fetish. A fetish is a sexual obsession, where the person is unable to gain satisfaction without the presence of the fetish object.You have an obsession.

Foot fetish?

Just like every guy has a preference in height, hair color/length, etc., all foot guys are different about what we like in a foot. Some want painted, some want unpainted. Some want big, some want... Read More »

Do you enjoy putting your living room furniture outside your trailer so you can enjoy the great outdoors.....?

Yes, plus it maks it easier to hose off all the ILF, and Beanus juices from the parties.....Thank goodness for inflatable furniture.