How to Enjoy Time Alone Without Leaving the House?

Answer Several people aim to enjoy time alone. For many, this means leaving the house and going on a vacation. However, there is a way to enjoy alone time without doing any of the above.

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How to Enjoy a Quiet Time Alone?

Is school stressing you out? Is work getting to you? We all need time to ourselves. Even if you are not stressed, taking time to be by yourself can be calming and rewarding.

Who just called my house and hung up without leaving a message Was it you?

It was me. I was looking for Queen SarcasticDog, sorry!

Can a child of 14 years old be left alone in the house at any time?

Any parent allowing this to happen is not being a responsible adult. No child should ever be left alone for any reason without proper supervision. If CPS discovered this happening, the child would ... Read More »

What is the latest time a child 13 yrd old can be left home alone without adult supervision?

well if he s young then Lego and stuffed animals, but if he is like 13+ vedio games but don't put a tv or computer in their room or they will play non stop but if you do password