How to Enjoy School Life, Even when You're Being Bullied?

Answer Everyone gets bullied at least one time in their life, and this can put us off going to school. So, how do we enjoy school life, when there is constantly someone mocking us? Read the article below ... Read More »

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How to Enjoy a Boring School Life?

School can be boring, lessons, teacher and homework. But you're at school for around 14 years, so you might as well enjoy it!

How to Help a Friend Who Is Being Bullied in School?

Is one of your friends being bullied? You may not want to put yourself in the middle of a conflict, but your friend may need you. Here's how to help.

My son is being bullied in school. How do I help him deal with this...?

Suggestions above re: Karate (or a derivative) are very good. Seriously take this into consideration. Works miracles for self confidence and develops a gentleman's thick skin. Do not try to deve... Read More »

How to Avoid Being Bullied in Middle School?

No one wants to be bullied. No one should be bullied. However, it happens everyday in middle school. Bullies feel insecure about themselves. Follow this guide to improve your chances of avoiding bu... Read More »