How to Enjoy Life in a Bad Economy?

Answer Living in a bad economy can be hard to do, but there really are a lot of possibilities to have a happy and enjoyable life. Friends, family and fun activities can bring lots of joy!

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How to Enjoy Family Life in a Bad Economy?

Leo Buscaglia had a famous quote. He said, “What is called the secret of happiness is no more a secret than the willingness to choose life”.

How to Enjoy the Life?

You have heard one common sentence from people "Today, I am not happy". Sometimes people have reason for his/her sadness but many times they are sad without any reason. If you can enjoy every momen... Read More »

How to Enjoy Life?

They say that enjoying life is a mindset, but since most of us don’t have the luxury of escaping to some mountaintop temple to follow our bliss, the best way to find happiness is to make practica... Read More »


you sound like you could be depressed....go to the doc but i wouldn't go on anti-depressants cos i think you can get hooked and they can actually make you feel worse. definately find a hobby. it ca... Read More »