How to Enjoy Karaoke at a Party?

Answer Do you want to have fun doing karaoke. Here's how.

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How to Throw a Karaoke Party?

A great karaoke partyHave you ever wanted to throw the perfect karaoke party but never known where to start? Karaoke is a great way to get all your friends together and sing all your favourite song... Read More »

If there was a mobile karaoke bus available would teenagers be interested for their birthday party?

I did the mobile game station, it was sick! A karaoke bus would be great too! It will be very fun, I promise! Most of the mobile trailer companies always give you a great high-tech experience!

How to enjoy a party if you're not single at a teen party.?

it would seem sensible to do the same as your partner and maybe it will encourage other couples to circulate by themselves. after all, what do you have to talk about later, if you stick to each oth... Read More »

How to Enjoy Yourself at a Party Without Drinking?

A party can still be plenty of fun without alcohol. If you're driving home afterward, if you're under the legal drinking age, if you have moral objections to alcohol, or if you simply want to be su... Read More »