How to Enjoy Being in the Closet (for Girls)?

Answer Sometimes, when you realize about you being gay or bisexual you start wondering about how you will tell your parents, your friends and everybody else, and that can make you feel a little bit confus... Read More »

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How to Arrange Your Closet (Teen Girls Only)?

"One & Only Glamourous"Hey, girls! Here are some tips and steps to make your closet " Super Glamourous"

How to Organize Your Closet (for Teen Girls)?

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How to Enjoy the Band "Boys Like Girls"?

Not everybody likes the same bands, but here are some simple ways Boys Like Girls might turn into your favorite!

Girls: do you enjoy when a guy finishes inside of you!?

I absolutely love it, I mean LOVE IT! It makes me feel so good. In me, on me, in my mouth ( as long as he hasn't eaten chinese food today) I just love it.