How to Enjoy Batman the Dark Knight Movie?

Answer This is a very simple tutorial, to enjoy Batman the Dark Knight

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Batman Begins vs. The Dark Knight?

Dark Night was better BUT they needed Batman Begins to explain so much. I mean if there had been another movie before Batman Begins then maybe they would have done more in it, like with The Dark Ni... Read More »

How old is Batman in The Dark Knight Rises?

He turned 30 in Begins, I think Dark Knight was four years later and Rises was set eight years later so he'd be roughly 42 or so.

Batman the dark knight rises/wikipedia ?

Nolan is too conservative with his Plot line & wikipedia guideline always follows that no plot of Movie/book to be relesed before the actual thing is released. so you have to wait till next year to... Read More »

How annoying was Batman's ridiculous voice in The Dark Knight?

I think the voice is necessary for him & something that Nolan & Bale agree on as a plot device. And the "Bat Suit" is intended to be "high tech" and something L.Fox would develop with the Wayne $$... Read More »