How to Enhance Your Relationship With Your Brothers/Sisters?

Answer With some dedication you can be a good influence on your sibling's life and at the same time cultivate a better relationship with him or her. A good method for building better relationships with yo... Read More »

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How did your relationship with your mother change when you had your first baby?

It went down the drainShe acts so much like my daughters mom and I get so angry with her.. she acts like she is still in charge of me and what I do.. it just is not good at all..I asked more questi... Read More »

Has your relationship with your mother changed since you had your own baby?

Let's just say I'll be going all out for Mother's Day this year. Christ, I had _no_ idea...

How can you end a friendship with your brother's ex-wife while maintaining a relationship with your niece?

It will be difficult to maintain a relationship with your niece if the ex-wife has sole or primary custody and you end your friendship with her. Why not simply stay on good terms with her?

What are some things you should do to help with your relationship with your brother?

Answer You should communicate with him talk to him. Not necessary a conversation but small talk, like how are you? how was your day at school? what do you like to do? things like that to start off.... Read More »