How to Enhance Hearing and Sensory Perception?

Answer Sight provides 80 percent of the information people receive. People rely a lot on what they see, and sometimes it overtakes what they hear or feel. Remember playing Simon Says? In this game, you m... Read More »

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If I have good/excellent hearing and I then wear hearing aids.....?

The frequencies amplified to make speech easier to hear, mostly between 1 and 3Khz, are quite high, and one downside of wearing aids is that high-pitched noises. like cutlery and crockery banging t... Read More »

Can a 5 year old with special needs be subjected to a Lincoln Hearing And could the child's education advocate accommodate or be with the child during the hearing?

Can you improve your hearing after hearing loss?

Depends on the cause of hearing loss. If the loss is conductive - ie. caused by a problem with the ear canal, ear drum, bones behind the ear or middle ear cavity, there is a good chance that it cou... Read More »

How to Study for Speech Perception?

Speech perception contributes to and builds upon research in the fields of psychology, linguistics, acoustics, speech and language pathology, and computer science, but this list is not exhaustive. ... Read More »