How to Engrave the Inside of a Ring Using the Gem Rx Machine?

Answer Engraving the inside of a ring on a GEM-RX machine doesn't have to be difficult. By following these simple steps you can be on your way!

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How much is it to engrave a ring?

The cost of having a ring engraved varies depending on the engraver and the length of the engraving. On average, many engravers will charge around $25 for a personal engraving. Some online companie... Read More »

How to Make and Engrave a PVC Ring?

The ring will be made from PVC pipe, so you will need to buy/ find a piece that you ring finger fits well in. PVC comes in measurements that describe the outer diameter of the pipe. If you cannot f... Read More »

Help! Inside my brothers XL-2600 sewing machine, the thread will clump up inside of the sewing machine.?

Bet you forgot to thread the top of the machine with the presser foot up (which opens the tension disks and lets the thread in so it's properly tensioned when you put the foot down to sew), and you... Read More »

Message Ideas to Engrave in a Ring?

Engraving jewelry is a great way to personalize it, making it that much more significant to the person wearing it. This is especially true for rings, which often hold some kind of in-depth signific... Read More »