How to Engineer a Retaining Wall With Steel I Beams?

Answer Wondering how to make a sloped lawn more useful or appealing? A retaining wall can be functional or simply decorative, depending on your personal needs. A retaining wall is a vertical wall meant to... Read More »

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What is the best kind of retaining wall for a very sloped yard We want to extend our back yard and use a 9 foot tall retaining wall and fill in with dirt Need some help with the best kind?

AnswerFirst get in touch with you local BUILDING OFFICIAL. They will probably have some questions as to what you are doing and why. There may be some restrictions in your area as to height of reten... Read More »

How to Build a Retaining Wall in Front of an Existing Wall?

Walls are built to stay strong over a long period of time, but a changing landscape of harsh weather conditions can cause a wall to weaken. Building a retaining wall in front of an existing wall ca... Read More »

How Are Steel Beams Fabricated?

Steel beams are used to create nearly all of the free-standing structures that humans depend on every day, from bridges to skyscrapers. These steel beams must themselves be fabricated using one of ... Read More »

How strong are steel beams?

Steel beams used for construction come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and are made from different grades of steel. Construction beams also have different types of strength, depending on... Read More »