How to Engage a Lexus 4-Wheel Drive?

Answer Many Lexus automobiles are equipped with a four-wheel drive feature. Four-wheel gives your car or truck propulsion with all four wheels and not just the front two or back two. This can prove useful... Read More »

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A 2001 Dodge RAM 4-Wheel Drive Won't Engage?

Engagement of Chrysler's Dodge Ram four-wheel drive system is accomplished through a shift lever, or through push-buttons, depending on model. Shifting into four-wheel drive can be problematic beca... Read More »

How to Engage the 4-Wheel Drive in a 2005 Honda Pilot?

The 2005 Honda Pilot uses a high-tech, four-wheel drive (4WD) system known as VTM-4. The VTM-4 system will automatically transfer power to your rear wheels in lower traction conditions. Depending o... Read More »

Does a Lexus 250 come in front-wheel drive?

The Lexus IS 250 is available in all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, but not front-wheel drive. The Lexus IS 250 comes with an Anti-Lock Braking System, which helps prevent the wheels from locking... Read More »

Does a Lexus IS250 come in front wheel drive?

The Lexus IS250 is available as both a sedan and a convertible and has two different drivetrains. The vehicle is only available with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The rear-wheel drive vehic... Read More »