How to Engage Your Partner and Have Fun?

Answer So the spark has gone out of the marriage? You want to 'light up your lives', but are unsure how. Read this wiki to get a few ideas.

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If you are fifteen years of age and you are female your partner is male and seven years older then you what can happen to your partner even if sex is consensual?

He can go to jail for up to 15 years. The actual penalty varies from state to state.

Is it selfish/irresponsible to have children when you/your partner have a genetic related disorder?

No on selfish and irresponsible.You will feel responsible if your child falls ill regardless of genetics. Life is to be lived. Children provide great joy. Do you want to deprive yourself of that... Read More »

Does your partner and you have to wear protection if is your first time?

If your pregnant and you have sex can your partner feel the baby?