How to Enforce a Custody Order?

Answer If your child's guardian doesn't adhere to the custody and visitation order outlined by the court, it's important to hold the guardian accountable. There are many different ways to enforce a custod... Read More »

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How to Enforce Custody Papers When a Father Has Physical Custody?

Physical custody determines who the child lives with, and if a mother has legal custody, the father cannot keep the child away from the mother or in another home without her permission. The court c... Read More »

How to Enforce a Child Support Order?

Child support is the financial payment paid by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent for the support of a child. A child support order can be enforced voluntarily or involuntarily. The sup... Read More »

If no court order for custody has been granted and the parents are unmarried who has the custody of a child in Tennessee?

AnswerI am currently trying to find a similar answer, so far, in my experience (in which one parent is in Tennessee and one is NOT in Tennessee), I was told NO ONE has custody. That you have to go ... Read More »

If the parents live in two different cities do they still have the right to joint custody or will the judge order one of them sole custody?

Answer Best Interests of the children. Are you talking about physical custody or legal custody? Visitation schedule?Hopefully the parents can work it out in concilation court.for more details see... Read More »