How to End an Unhealthy Friendship?

Answer You know a friendship is unhealthy when one of the individuals is lying to the other, not remaining loyal, or just displaying mistreatment. Or, if one of the individuals is obviously unhappy with h... Read More »

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How to Make a Friendship a True Friendship?

If you have a problem with a friend and make it a new start read this it may help.

Is this unhealthy to do?

You'll want to keep doing cardio-the only way to have your abs show is to have a lower body fat %. And the way to achieve that is through cardio. But you're right that you'll just keep losing weigh... Read More »

Why is soda/pop unhealthy for you?

The artificial sweeteners in diet soda can make your body crave more calories.However, if you are at a healthy weight and manage your diet and balance it with exercise, a diet soda shouldn't really... Read More »

Is this an unhealthy way to eat?

Teenage girls/women should aim to have about 2000 calories a day. This list comes to less than that. So you don't need to worry about putting on weight. If you do exercise then you should loose wei... Read More »