How to End a Conversation Without Being Rude?

Answer No matter how interesting a conversation is, sometimes you just have to go. Here are a few tips to do it just right.

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How to Finish a Phone Conversation Without Being Rude?

Always treat others with respect. Learn to politely end a phone conversation.

When you type a question here, in all caps, the computer says it is rude......WHY THUS IT RUDE TO USE CAPS?

because when you are chatting with someone all caps means you are yelling!

What does rude mean?

Being rude means lacking social refinement, manners, and politeness. Rude people are typically offensive to their peers, and demonstrate an unawareness of or purposeful disregard for basic societal... Read More »

Do you think it is rude...?

It depends. Personally, I don't mind. BUT, I think it may cause the people you are with to feel "rushed" while finishing their meals. If I were a server, I would wait until all parties are finis... Read More »