How to Encrypt VBS?

Answer VBS, or Visual Basic Script, is a type of file format used by Windows operating systems as well as by the Internet Explorer Web browser. You can edit a VBS file by using text editors such as Notepa... Read More »

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How to Encrypt a DVD?

The world is divided into 7 DVD (Digital Video Disk) encoding, regions. Using DVD authoring software and a DVD burner, you can use DVD encoding to determine where in the world it can be played. You... Read More »

How to Encrypt an Email?

An email message can contain highly sensitive material that you must protect in case it is mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient. One way of keeping unauthorized people from reading your email is ... Read More »

How to Encrypt Wireless?

Anyone with a computer that is capable of accessing the Internet wirelessly can access an unprotected, unencrypted wireless network. This is potentially dangerous for the network's owner because an... Read More »

How to Encrypt Your SSD?

Windows comes with encryption software, so you can encrypt your SSD, or static state drive, without the need of third-party software. Encrypting the drive protects you from data theft, especially i... Read More »