How to Encrypt VBS?

Answer VBS, or Visual Basic Script, is a type of file format used by Windows operating systems as well as by the Internet Explorer Web browser. You can edit a VBS file by using text editors such as Notepa... Read More »

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How to Encrypt Your SSD?

Windows comes with encryption software, so you can encrypt your SSD, or static state drive, without the need of third-party software. Encrypting the drive protects you from data theft, especially i... Read More »

How to Encrypt a DVD?

The world is divided into 7 DVD (Digital Video Disk) encoding, regions. Using DVD authoring software and a DVD burner, you can use DVD encoding to determine where in the world it can be played. You... Read More »

Why should you encrypt a laptop?

Computer encryption is when you scramble your data so it can only be unscrambled with a password. While there are many methods and motivations for doing so, encrypting your laptop is a particularly... Read More »

How to Encrypt Your Belkin?

This will help you set up security for your Belkin wireless router.