How to Encourage a Child to Sleep in Their Own Bed?

Answer There comes a time in every child's life where they have to sleep in their own bed and be a "big kid". However, this is a tough change for them to get over. If you want to find out how to make it e... Read More »

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How to Encourage Your Child to Sleep in His or Her Own Bed?

Slowly coming to terms with sleeping aloneEncouraging your child to sleep in his or her bed after so long of sleeping in yours can take some time, but the efforts are well worth it.

Asian parents often tell their child/children not to sleep with their hair wet. Any scientific reason for this?

Sleeping with wet hair is a very bad idea, because you wake up with dry hair bent in all the wrong directions, and it can be very hard to comb properly. If you are an Asian child, you just don't h... Read More »

How to Get Your Child to Sleep in Their Own Bed?

You don't want to do this forever!When you are a parent, sometimes you feel that it is such an accomplishment to get your child to sleep through the night that you almost don't care where they do i... Read More »

What age is too old for a child to sleep with their mother?

You should answer this youself .You think about it . Am I to old to sleep with my mother? Ask your mother? whoever you ask there are just gonna give you their opinion. What i think is to old is may... Read More »