How to Encourage Your Child to Eat Healthy Snacks?

Answer Every parent knows the challenge of trying to get children to eat healthily. Many children have particular food preferences that make it difficult to incorporate healthy foods into their diet, and ... Read More »

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How to Prepare Healthy Everyday Snacks for Your Children?

Children love to snack. But if you allow them to raid the fridge whenever they choose, they may fill themselves up with unhealthy options and ruin their appetite for regular meals. For this reason,... Read More »

How to Encourage Your Child to Sleep in His or Her Own Bed?

Slowly coming to terms with sleeping aloneEncouraging your child to sleep in his or her bed after so long of sleeping in yours can take some time, but the efforts are well worth it.

How to Encourage Your Child to Study for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

The Bar Mitzvah (boys) and the Bat Mitzvah (girls) are the most memorable times in a Jewish child's life. It takes times and preparation for their special event.Here's what you can do:

How to Encourage Your Child to Avoid Drugs?

Want your child to have a healthy life? or need some tips to help your child avoid drugs?