How to Encourage Your Child to Eat Healthy Snacks?

Answer Every parent knows the challenge of trying to get children to eat healthily. Many children have particular food preferences that make it difficult to incorporate healthy foods into their diet, and ... Read More »

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What are some healthy snacks?

Popcorn (if it's air-popped and not covered in lots of butter), whole grain crackers, low fat cheese, hummus and pretzels, hummus and veggies, peanut butter and apple slices, peanut butter and crac... Read More »

What are some healthy snacks I can buy?

I'm on the South Beach Diet, where we can't have anything high in fat or high in glycemic index... that means even carrots are out-but carrots are definitely a whole lot better for you than most gr... Read More »

How to Prepare Healthy Snacks?

We all try to be healthy, although sometimes the allure of snack foods can be overpowering. Here you will learn the basic steps to making healthy snacks.

Which of these snacks is more healthy (10 points)?

Go for the Blueberry ICEE. probably little to no fat, just high sugar. All the rest have high fat and sodium. Sugar burns off easier than fat. Believe it or not, the Starbucks drink packs a LOT... Read More »